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About us

Manuel Müller
Founder of epu-check

Manuel Müller was born in Austria and he started his career in 1994. He worked several years as product & innovation manager in a window production company and as the head of product and innovation for a hearing aid company. Innovation was not only what he chose for his studies but also a passion of him. During his studies he wrote his master thesis about the topic how to identify growth barriers for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The analysis he created and used for his interviews was so successful that he decided to launch epu-check to help all entrepreneurs worldwide to identify and overcome their growth barriers.

Andrea Müller-Faragó
Managing Partner

Andrea Müller-Faragó was born in Hungary. She moved to Austria in 2001. Andrea studied industrial management. During her studies she lived in Belgium and worked in the USA. In the past 5 years she worked as international sales manager for a big production company in Austria. Her clients were entrepreneurs all around the world (UK, Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland).

How the idea was born?

Manuel’s sister has a nail care studio in Germany. She offers high quality services and has a lot of regular customers. Despite her high labor input she could not grow her business. Manuel wanted to help his sister and asked himself:

What are the barriers that stops the manicure studio to grow?

This question had been uppermost on his mind a lot because he wanted to help his sister. He started to make a research about entrepreneurs all around the world. He found out that more and more people leave the employment scene and become their own bosses. These entrepreneurs have to face different challenges and barriers on the way to business growth. But what are the growth barriers of entrepreneurs exactly? Manuel answered this question in his master thesis.

He did not only analyze all the literature regarding different growth barriers but also interviewed several entrepreneurs and collected their feedback. The end result was a tool to identify the growth barriers of small businesses ...

... and then we came up with the idea ...

... lets create a web-based self-assessment-tool that makes it possible for all entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world to easily identify their growth barriers. The knowledge of somebody´s weakness can help him/her to turn this weakness into strength or to compensate it through a network. Therefore, the tool will not only help to identify the growth barriers but also make entrepreneurs possible to build a network and help each other to overcome these.

the first step to corporate growth

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