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Here you will find a list oft he most frequently asked questions. If you don´t find the information you need you can also contact the epu-check support team by filling out the following contact form.


1When does my PREMIUM membership expires?

Your epu-check PREMIUM membership is 90 days valid. After the 90 days you can´t change your test answers anymore. However, you will still see your test result(s) and can contact other epu-checkers.

2Should I cancel my membership after 90 days?

No! You don´t need to! Your PREMIUM membership ends automatically after 90 days. After that you can still see your analysis (if you fully filled out the assessment) and connect other epu-checkers.

3What/who is epu-checker?

After you register on epu-check you will automatically become an epu-checker. As an epu-checker you will be part of a community of ambitious entrepreneurs and small businesses. All epu-checkers will enjoy further benefits (epu-check profile, future discounts, networking possibility etc.).

4I added a password during registration but I still get an error message: "Password - the field must not be empty!"

The password must be minimum 8 characters.

5I can´t see my epu-check PREMIUM report? Why?

You can see your epu-check PREMIUM report ONLY if you answered all the statements. You can check on the right side, next to the assessment, if all the statements are complete. After all the statements are completed (filled out) you can see a button "SHOW ANALYSIS" on the bottom of the page.

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