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How it works

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After you click on „YES! I want to grow!“ you can start with our FREE self-assessment. The FREE self-assessment includes 1 of the 13 areas where growth barriers can appear. You will need approximately 10 minutes for the FREE self-assessment. We will show you statements, which are adapted for the specific area that is analyzed in the free self-assessment. You need to choose from the following 4 answer possibilities:

  • Yes, the requirements are already fulfilled
  • The requirements are partly fulfilled
  • There are plans existing to fulfill the requirements
  • No, the requirements are not fulfilled

After you complete the self-assessment and you register with your e-mail address we will show you the evaluation of this area.

Advanced Self-Assessment

With epu-check PREMIUM you have access to the advanced version of the self-assessment. 13 areas where growth barriers can appear will be processed. These areas are divided into the following chapters:

  • Skills of the person
  • Resources
  • Goals and strategies
  • Corporate environment

For the advanced self-assessment you should take enough time (approx. 90 minutes) because it is very important that you analyze yourself and your business as accurate and objective as possible. You can fulfill the test immediately or step-by-step. If you got interrupted you can continue the test whenever you like. Your already added answers will be saved for you.

After you finished the self-assessment you will get a graphic and a detailed description of your results. The graphic will show you, in form of a diagram, how you performed in the different areas and what is your average result for each chapter. The areas where you need to pay attention of hidden growth barriers will be showed and explained separately. Based on this report actions can be developed and prioritized.

Your account is 90 days valid. In these 90 days you can fill out the self-assessment, or you can change your answers if you feel that you have already overcome a growth barrier. You can login anytime to check and even compare your results if you have filled out the assessment more than ones. After the 90 days your PREMIUM account expires automatically. You don´t have to cancel your membership! However, it is advisable to repeat the self-assessment and see if the actions you already took helped you to reach your goals towards business growth. Growth and development is a continuous process that goes hand in hand. Never lose sight of your goals, even if it looks like there is still a long way to go.

epu-checker helps epu-checker!

After you register on epu-check you will automatically become an epu-checker. As an epu-checker you will be part of a community of ambitious entrepreneurs and small businesses. All epu-checkers will enjoy further benefits (epu-check profile, future discounts etc.).
According to your test results we will show you entrepreneurs nearby. These epu-checkers have great results where you have your growth barrier(s) and need improvement(s). We show you the following information about the other epu-checker:

  • Photo (if available)
  • First name
  • Expertise
  • City

You can contact these epu-checkers on and inter-exchange ideas, experiences etc. It is your choice if you want to take action and overcome a growth barrier by yourself or if you want to build a network with epu-checkers and help each other. Please note that a different point of view can be very helpful if you want to grow your business.

Don't worry the other epu-checkers see only your first name and the areas where you have your strengths. You have the possibility to upload a photo in your epu-check profile. We will show your photo as well to the other epu-checkers right after uploading. Please note that we won´t show or give away any of your contact information to anybody. People can contact you only on our website. You will get an e-mail from epu-check if somebody sent you a message. After you login to your account you can read and answer this message. You can decide yourself if you want to get in contact or not.

The possibility to contact other epu-checkers is available for you even after the end of your PREMIUM membership because we want you to have the possibility to use the power of networking anytime you need it.


The advantages in comparison:



Self-Assessment "Skills of the person" 1 area 5 areas
Self-Assessment "Ressourcen"   3 areas
Self-Assessment "Goals and strategies"   2 areas
Self-Assessment "Corporate environment"   3 areas
Evaluation and report graphic with report
for 1 area
graphic with report
for 13 areas
Discover other epu-checkers*    
Contact other epu-checkers    
epu-checker helps epu-checker    
epu-checker appears on our website "Success stories"**    
  • One-time charge!
  • Cancellation not necessary!
  • Payment in € possible!
FREE net $ 50,-*** / gross $ 60,-****

* Epu-checkers are entrepreneurs and small businesses who registered on
** Please send your application (with photo) if you like to appear on our website to
*** excl. 20% VAT
**** incl. 20% VAT

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