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What is epu-check?

Plan to grow

On the way to business growth entrepreneurs face lots of different barriers that holds them back. The first step to grow your business is actually to make the decision that you want to grow your business. Business grow can be measured quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative business growth means more turnover, achieving a bigger market share or increasing the amount of your co-workers.

Qualitative business grow refers for example to the knowhow and skills of the business owner and/or co-workers. Actions, which are taken to improve this area, increase the performance and innovation ability of the company. Thus it will have a positive effect on future payment flows and business growth. If you want to grow you need to focus on just one thing – growth. Therefore, the first step is to answer the question: Do I want to grow?

Do the self-assessment

After you decided you want to grow your business you need to begin with a detailed analysis of your starting point. The idea is to be clear about your skills, resources, business environment and your business goals and strategy so that you can get rid of all things that slow you down. To know exactly what stops you to grow makes it possible to devise a clear path from your current to your desired situation. This is where epu-check can help you! Do the self assessment and see where are your strengths and in which area you need to develop yourself.

Check your results

The analysis of the self assessment will show you where are your growth barriers hence where you need improvement.

Overcome your growth barriers

After you see your growth barriers you have different options to get rid of them. One option is to help yourself and change on your own. Another option is to connect with other epu- checkers and let them help you to overcome a specific growth barrier. On you will be able to connect with other epu-checkers who can support you to overcome your specific growth barriers. We will show you entrepreneurs nearby. These epu-checkers have a good result for the topics where you have space for improvement. You can contact them easily on and inter-exchange experiences, ideas etc.

Check out our introduction video!

the first step to corporate growth

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